About Me


Hello loves,

We all have a journey.  I’ve been on a very long journey into health and wellness. My Mother and I were caretakers for my Father, who suffered a debilitating brain aneurysm, for nearly ten years. In those ten years, I found myself on my own journey. In faith, in health and in life. I was super sick from PTSD from trauma in the family and a bad diet/ lifestyle in my late teens. I was hurting from watching my Dad eat from a tube and lie in a bed all day, everyday not being able to speak or do much of anything and I was running from everything trying to escape. Until I ran straight into the ground and Jesus met me there.  He healed me completely of not only sickness in my body but of brokenness in my spirit and a fractured soul.  He set me on a course of health, health in spirit, soul and body for myself and then once whole, to be educated so that could help others heal and be well. Fast forward. I am a Registered Naturopath, Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach with my Doctorate helping people get well and stay well. I am a wife and a mama of a precious baby boy Zion. These days in between running after my little one, I am working from home alongside my husband, spending days with our family and community and fulfilling our bucket list of traveling.  I blog on our lifestyle, travels, thoughts of the soul and of course health & nutrition.  Enjoy my little corner of the blogosphere and don’t be shy to say hi!