Some Of My Favorite Onesies

Some of my favorite onesies with Alber Road Children’s Wear

These beautiful onesies are some of my favorites on Zion. The designs are so unique, SO CUTE and the material is sourced locally and responsibly.  I seriously can’t get over her designs. You can’t find this anywhere. What is SUPER special is that Sarah, the owner and designer or Alber Road Children’s Wear, hand paints custom organic swaddles! WHAT!? This whale was custom painted just for Zion and each one is unique.  What an amazing talent and gift!  Sarah is such a sweetie and she lives in the woods in Idaho.  Getting to hear her story touched me; where she gets her inspiration, how started etc. (You can read below all about her).  Can you handle how cute the ‘Eat your greens’ onesie is?! I saw it and immediately needed it! Swoon worthy clothes from this lady and her brand right here!  Stay tuned on my Instagram as in August I will be hosting a give away with her and you can win her new design coming to her shop!

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Words from the owner, Sarah:
What inspires you to choose the patterns for you clothing? 
“I really draw a lot of inspiration for my prints from my daily life. The nautical style, of course, not so much because this area of Idaho is considered a fertile desert, but I dream of water and mermaids! I work with several artists spread over the world that I’ve developed a friendship with. Probably my most popular artist is this wonderful mama in Australia who is a virtual artist goddess! My other artists hail from the US (west coast, predominantly) and Canada (BC).
Do you hand paint your swaddles yourself? You are an artist! Tell me a little bit about that?
I have developed some of my own prints (the Love, Idaho series), but am still learning the intricacies of fabric design. My swaddles are handpainted — I LOVE taking a time out from production to work on my creative side. My mother is a watercolor painter (and quite talented!), but growing up, I was not the artistic one in the family. I’m so grateful some of her artistry dust happened to sprinkle down on me and I’m realizing it later in life! Poor Mom. She always told me when I was a little girl, “Why can’t you be more lady like? Why can’t you sit still?”. I was the total tomboy, fighting boys in the schoolyard, spending all day on my horses or hanging out of trees — it wasn’t until I discovered I couldn’t have children that I began to take a real interest in the domestic arts. I took up quilting and sewing baby clothes for my friends (I think it helped me cope — I was at the age where everyone I knew was getting married and having their first kids!), and it just blossomed from there. My mom has always been proud of me and accepted me for my quirks, but now I’m not as likely to be found, brand new dress ripped to tatters, at the bottom of a tree. She probably developed a few grey hairs just trying to rescue me out of precarious situations I put myself in.
It’s a less exciting life now, but I tell you what! So many less broken bones.”
This is the view down the road!  Sarah lives in the woods, but the Palouse is all around.
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Peace of Mind For This New Mama With Owlet

Mamas out there, I am such a hoverer! I hover over my baby and check his breathing about every 10 minutes and that’s when he’s in the same room as me!  When I found the owlet I realized it’s just the extra peace of mind we need so this mama can rest assured baby is sleeping safe and sound.  This monitoring sock is seriously cool. It monitors his heart rate and oxygen levels and connects to your phone with an app so it is designed to alert you if anything changes. Now I can put Zion to sleep in his room and not want to run in every 10 mins to check on him, I can just check on him with my phone!  So much peace of mind knowing it is monitoring my baby so I can rest and take the extra edge off myself with all the new changes.

You can find out more about the owlet at and get $20 off your purchase here 

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Swaddling My Baby

After buying a billion swaddles during pregnancy, I come to find out, right now at least, Zion does not like to be swaddled….except for 1 swaddle. The Ollie Swaddle. He likes to stretch, kick, wiggle, and move his arms and hands. The Ollie Swaddle let’s Zion stretch against material that moves and gives.  The material is amazing. It stretches and gives way for him to flex and build his little muscles and reflexes. Plus, it is SO easy to get him swaddled, with simple velcro-it’s done.  Check out to read all about how and why this swaddle was created.  If there is a swaddle that would be considered the Bentley of swaddles…this is it! Look at their cute packaging! It is truly beautiful from start to swaddle!

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