The Staple Summer Dress

This is definitely this summer’s dress! I love it and you can wear it for just about anything. Casual to dressed up. Sneakers to heels.  Both the heels AND the dress are a steal from Charlotte Russe.  I am all about showing you guys that you can look bomb on a budget, because let’s be real, ain’t no body got time for $500 dresses! Being practical is what I am all about and I love to share my finds! The funny thing is, most people go “No Way!!” when I tell them where I got my shoes they paid 2 times as much for. Well, here you can find the looks you want for the price you need. <3 I got you.

What I wore: 

Charlotte Russe for the win on the heels and dress!

Forever 21 for the choker

I will offer the look in a higher price and lower price bracket, you choose! <3

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Summer Florals

Summer nights are warm and breezy here in SoCal currently and I thought this would be a perfect evening dress to go sit and watch the sunset with my baby and hubs at the beach or for a nice evening dinner, sipping cool summer drinks, enjoying light eats and the buzz of the crickets as dusk hits. I love this dress for summer. It is lightweight and feminine with all the right cuts.

What I wore:

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Bracelets: Bourbon and Bowties


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DSC_0476 DSC_0478






Sleepy Sunday’s With Christeli


We were so in need of a new mattress. I don’t know about you but finding the right one is t r i c k y.  I mean first you want to find one that SOUNDS right and then it is allll about how you sleep on it. When I came across Christeli I knew I loved the company.  They source all their material here in the USA and they don’t use harsh chemicals, which is so important for our family because we are health conscious about what goes in our body and do the best we can to minimize toxins.   Their story goes a bit like this:

“When the factory doors to our family-owned mattress business were proudly opened in 1931, we were determined to create a world where every person has a luxurious, well-made bed to sleep on. Our goal remains the same: to make the finest handcrafted mattresses in existence. Dedicated to bringing your dreams to life, our Craftspeople strive for perfection when hand-building and crafting your Christeli. Every stitch, every cut and every measurement has their name on it. As one Craftswoman once said: “This is what I know how to do. This is what I do best. This is what I enjoy.”

I love our new mattress!  They don’t use ANY harsh chemicals, they hand select organic cotton and cashmere and they are local, USA, real craftmen and women. They put heart into their mattresses, so you know you are getting quality.

Our first night on it was a dream.  I slept SO well.  They have all the details about why their mattresses are the way they are on their website and you know what is a huge HUGE bonus?! They donate 10 meals to people in need for every purchase. I can always get behind a ethical company WITH a GREAT product AND with a purpose! Win, win, win!

IMG_0307IMG_0305 IMG_0308

It comes rolled up and you cut the plastic open and it unfolds. It only takes a few hours for it to be sleep ready! It doesn’t smell at all because they don’t use harsh chemicals. (Praise hands emoji!)IMG_0309 IMG_0310

To find out more and check out all their mattresses, visit




My Post Partum Recovery And Belly Binding With Bellefit

Hi Friends!

So it’s been 6 weeks that I had Zion! Wow, time flies. I am definitely savoring every moment, and reminding myself in the hard moments that they too, are precious.  I want to share with you all what I have been doing post partum to get back into shape and strong not only emotionally and mentally, but of course physically.


I highly reccomend encapsulating your placenta. Honestly, I felt a HUGE difference. You ask how since I was on it? Well I skipped a dose and felt myself emotionally very, very how do I put this…off? unstable? vulnerable? Raw? I mean, you are raw regardless because of all the love and the newness and a new life and changes, but the hormones in the placenta from my body, helped my transition back, SO MUCH SMOOTHER. I had 0 post partum and I had major baby blues in my first trimester, so I thought maybe my hormones would throw me into some PPD, but I had none. I was so stable. In fact, I could handle the emotions that rose up (which are totally healthy and real and apart of life if you are a breathing human) with each roll of emotion, I could almost appreciate it and not get swallowed up in it if that makes sense. I got them less than 24 hours after birth and took them until the bottle was done. 2 capsules, 3 times a day.

I reccomend it to any new mama to help with coping and transitioning into your new life with your new babe.


First, let’s talk about the post baby body. What a beautiful thing our body is, and no matter how your body takes form after baby, it is beautiful and you should thank your body and love your body for carrying and nurturing life!  For me, I have always been a very avid fitness gal, so getting back to my routine, simply because I took it easy during pregnancy and really nurtured myself, I was SO looking forward to start kicking butt in the gym!  That being said, I started off S L O W and I am still going slow, although I do go 6 days a week now. It is my morning routine with Zion after his morning feed and he knocks out the the sound of the machines. I started back to just walking for a few miles on the treadmill and starting lifting light weights again. I actually was able to start after  2 1/2 weeks.  I am not saying you should, please take advice from your care practitioner and listen to your body!  Getting some blood flowing felt so good.

Let’s talk about Diastasis Recti

I had it, quite big too.  I found out around 4- 5 months, my abs had separated, which by the way, it 100% totally normal and very, very common. In fact, MOST women have this during pregnancy and never take time to restore it so down the line the “pooch” is there quite permanently and they can’t figure out why no matter what they do, it’s still there.  Diastasis Recti is responsible for the pooch.  The goal is to HEAL that post partum through specific transverse ab exercises or through physical therapy.  Pre delivery, because I had known I had it, I looked into belly binding and post partum belly girdle to wear.  I found Bellefit, and I am SO glad I did. Below are some photos of my progress.  It completely helped heal my diastasis.  I went from 3 1/2 finger spread to 1 /12 in 5 weeks. I am still working on it, but that is HUGE healing.  Ask anyone with diastasis or read into it. The girdles are specifically designed for post partum and helped with compression for shrinking my uterus and support for my back.  It felt so good to wear when I put it on because my body so desired support.  I felt like the baby actually stabilized and held my body up and when he was out, I felt weak in my back and core like i would fold over.  This helped with that tremendously. I HIGHLY recommend doing this after each baby.

Stretch marks

I didn’t get these until the last month of pregnancy…he was a huge baby and I carried ALL my weight in my belly.  Plus, he has fallen forward and I ended up having to wear a belly brace during my labor to prop him up.  SO, I ended up with a few light white stretchies (tiger stripes) and wanted to work on getting those minimized.  I used a collagen supplement on my skin as well as a brush, lotion and stretch mark cream.  Currently, you can hardly see them and with the girdle and my regime, I am back in my bikini. My skin still has some tightening up to do, so with collagen application and supplementation and strengthening my core with exercise, it will come.  I definitely want to be in excellent shape before each child, so that my body has the memory to go back to and that I am strong during my pregnancy and labor.

This is what I am using:

Stromaderm from Biocell.  It is hyaluronic acid, collagen and chondroitin. Key for perfect skin.

Scar cream. The ingredients are clean and amazing.

A gentle skin massage brush to encourage new skin production.




I am eating how I do normally, in fact, nothing has changed from pre to preg to post.  Organic, non gmo, low sugar and I eat a higher fat and protein, lower carb diet, but I will get the hamburger with the bun when I want 😉 and fries.



Photos of Progress with Bellefit

So I started the day after my birth with the girdle and wore it pretty much 24/7 (took it off to shower) for the first 2 weeks. Then I would take it off for an hour or 2 as I would go out at times. Most times I wore it out under clothes. I also wore it to the gym. At 6 weeks, I only now where it to sleep. I can say at 6 weeks post partum, I am almost back to my pre baby tummy, minus the abs. :)-.  Those will come once I start incorporating ab work outs after my diastasis heals completely. I just started doing more isolated ab movements like balancing on the half dome and wall planks with a wall push up.


This was after wearing it 36 hours.  3 days post partum.

IMG_8427 IMG_8428

This was with it off at 3 days post partum.

IMG_8512 IMG_8552

This was just at 1 1/2 weeks post partum

IMG_8743 IMG_8744

This was at 2 weeks post partum


This is at just under 5 weeks post partum. IMG_9833 IMG_9844


I can’t wait to update you guys more on my progress in the future! I would 100% recommend a girdle, gently exercise and eating healthy post partum, but my biggest recommendation is to get fit BEFORE baby, so your body has the memory to come back to with the help of the tools I suggested.


Please check out for all your girdle questions and to see their full line and read more!