Tips For Traveling With A Newborn

If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, you that we’ve been traveling with Zion from the time he was 6 weeks old.  He is just under 4 months and we’ve been on 4 planes, 2 road trips, lots of rental cars, trunk changes, nursing in public and #babytravellife.  And while it certainly has it’s challenges, it has been a blast and I highly reccomend it. Cast fear to the wind and go for it. Honestly, challenges are fun for me so to me, traveling with our baby is even more fun then traveling just the two of us. We haven’t let it limit us in any way and it has cultivated more confidence, less fear, more patience, less worry and has taught us so much.  People say “Travel before you have kids”, I say travel whenever you want and bring your babies along.

Here are some things I’ve learned along the way

  1. Get yourself a travel bassinet.

No need to carry along a pack n play or anything super bulky.  I use a travel diaper bag that converts into a bassinet and place him right in between us in bed or on the floor. The bottom opens up as he grows so he has plenty of room. If the flight is empty I can open it up and lay it on the plane seats so he can stretch out and kick or sleep. If we are at the park, I can open it up and again, he can play or sleep in something clean, safe and comfy. It is the. best. This is what I use and recommend.

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2. It is okay if you need to nurse in public.

I know some ladies have a hard time with this, but girlfriend, just do it. Cover or no cover, once you allow yourself the freedom to be able to nourish your baby without thought of what anyone thinks, things become ALOT less stressful.  IF comments come, ignore them. Honestly, I have never once gotten a comment and I nursed walking onto a plane…eyes right at chest level and everything. I thought to myself well it’s either this of a screaming baby, so your welcome people.  It ain’t no thing. You are not immodest, you are feeding your baby. Go for it girl!

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3. Keep things light.

Learn to go with the flow. Traveling always brings the unexpected.  Late flights, full flights, long lines, cancelled flights, early mornings, late nights, hotel glitches etc. Keep positive in mind and spirit and know that God has your best interest in mind. The universe is wired for your good so know that is something goes unexpected, something better is on its way and stay happy. An upset Mom causes a stressed out Dad and a moody baby. Babies can feel your energy and emotion. So for the sake of the whole family. Keep Calm and Carry On. You’ll thank yourself for biting your tongue and holding back the full flip out.  Take a breathe, grab a coffee and focus on the cuteness of your baby. Everything will melt away and you’ll get where you need to be shortly and enjoy the journey.

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4. Invest is a good baby wearing carrier

Eventually your baby will want to be out of the car seat and held.  Making this way easier while traveling (and in everyday life in general) is get yourself a carrier. The Ergo Baby is great and can be used by Mom and Dad. Additionally, there are slings, wraps, and beyond that will come in handy on the go. You can stash it in your carry on or wear right onto the plane (that is what I do). I always wear him through security and then if there is extra room on the plane, I place him in the car seat and stroll him to sleep before boarding. Our airport schedule goes a little like this:

  1. Nurse before we get out of the car or rental car.
  2. Wrap him and walk the stroller in
  3. Check in, get his lap pass
  4. Go through security with him wrapped (If you travel a lot take time to go get pre check for easier security).
  5. Get to the gate and transfer him into car seat or keep him wrapped depending on circumstances.
  6. Gate check stroller & car seat if there is no extra seating for it. (If there is extra seating the flight attendants will always free that seat up for the baby and move people around-Southwest, you can choose your own seating and its A+)
  7. Depending on his temperament, he is either sleeping, up and playing or fussy because he wants to sleep or eat. If the third is happening, I nurse him while everyone is getting on the plane until we are up in the air. He usually passes out or gets up to play a bit more. I will wrap him and walk to aisles (haven’t needed to yet) to get him to sleep if we are in the air and he isn’t going down. Lots of parents to this. People get it.


5. Remember to have fun and take lots of photos and make memories! <3 Looking back on all our trips, I wouldn’t have done it any other way. His shelves are now filled with souvenirs and photos of all the places we went when he was just a tiny guy.  Plus, at a young age, they sleep ALOT, so it really is pretty easy.  Life with LO always have there challenges, life is now different. Crying, blow outs, fussiness…its just part of life at times, if you can embrace it, then no matter what you go and do whether it is the grocery store or flying, will just be like how you do everything else. You find what works for you and you get through it!  #Momlife am I right!?

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