21 Day Purification Cleanse

Live Well Cleanse

Our 21-day purification program helps patients purify, nourish, and maintain a healthy body and weight. We offer four different purification product kits based on the preferred protein and fiber choice.

Included in the program are:

1 SP Cleanse–purification

2 SP Complete or 2 SP Complete Dairy Free–nutritious supplement shakes

2 Gastro-Fiber or 2 Whole Food Fiber–fiber support

1 SP Green Food–phytonutrients*

1 patient purification program guide

1 recyclable bag

*Supplement quantities are sufficient to cover or exceed the duration of the 21-day program.

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21 Day Purification Cleanse: $250.00  (Cost includes all supplements, purification guide, shipping, tax and processing fees.)

You will purchase with the instructions below. Please leave your name and shipping address in notes when sending your payment or email:


BONUS:  As a cleanser, you will also receive the freedom to email once a week questions answered directly by Dr. Jessica for 3 weeks on whatever you need help with! I.e. questions about cleansing, detoxing, meals, what you are feeling and experiencing, support…whatever. A $200 value!

After receiving payment and the shipping address, your cleanse will be shipped to your door in 1-3 days.


Pay here!

*Due to supplement sale policy, no refunds or returns. 

Immediately after payment your shipment will go out.

Please email livewellcleanse@gmail.com for any questions.

What people are saying!

“I had so much bloating, gas and burping from foods that I hated eating because I was afraid I would just bloat again.  I wanted my gut to heal and give my body the nutrients it needed to do so.  When I went on the cleanse, I was nervous because I hadn’t ever done anything like this.  I suffer from hypoglycemia and can hardly go 2 hours without eating or eating and craving sugar.  Little did I know that the cleanse contains so many nutrients that I wasn’t hungry and I felt so nourished. I detoxed the 3rd day so I felt a bit tired and achy. I rested and took a bath. The next morning I woke up feeling energized and great! I emailed Dr. Jessica to give me tips and she was SO helpful.  She literally can answer any question you have and makes you feel so comfortable! Like you are able to do this! The recipes were delicious and I felt so refreshed and in control of my appetite and cravings after my cleanse.  My bloating went away and my skin started to clear up! My oil on my face normalized and my skin on my body felt so soft.  I can’t wait to go into Walden Wellness and address the long time ailments (like hypoglycemia) that I have dealt with for years now that my body is cleansed and ready to rebuild. This cleanse is for anyone who wants to rid and ease symptoms and reboot your body into healing!” -Amy, Newport Beach, CA

“I did the 21 day cleanse and never felt better! I now do one every 6 months with Jess! I give my body a reboot, cleanse out all the crap, feed it with health and feel fantastic!” – Johann, Irvine, CA

“The shakes are filling and delicious.  I can’t wait to do another cleanse! I lost 10lbs and my craving for caffeine and sugar ceased. I was able to reintroduce the foods I WANTED into my body, rather than the foods I CRAVED.  I am now cleansing from Candida with Jessica, and my gas and halitosis is going away.  I’m so thankful for Dr. Jessica and all her knowledge and training.  She not only knows what you need, but guides you and teaches you why and how to achieve the health you desire! Her heart is so sweet! You can tell she truly cares deeply for people and loves to help people achieve wellness.” – Susan, Lake Forest, CA

“Jessica made made a believer out of the biggest sceptic (me). I was a beer and burrito guy and  I was always under the impression that I needed more food and needed to eat more often than everyone else. I get “hangry” very easily. I was told to try a cleanse by family members and decided to do the 21 day cleanse with Dr. Jessica. Dr. J spent hours with me explaining her qualifications (which are impressive) and her reasons for doing the cleanse. With her constant help, I made it through the cleanse without cheating once. It’s amazing how much food you don’t need and how much your taste buds change. You just need the RIGHT food!   I completed her cleanse 3 weeks ago and I have incorporated the eating lifestyle on the cleanse into my daily routine. I really enjoy how my body feels and my blood sugar is balanced. Before this my appetite controlled me. I’d recommend doing this cleanse to anyone.”

-Vince, 30, Newport Beach, CA

“I love the cleanse and what she does, what can I say that isn’t flattering?! Its’ good! So many symptoms have disappeared. This cleanse is by far the best I’ve tried. I’ve tried all the fancy ones at Sprouts, Mothers, Wholefoods, Pressed Juicery etc. This one=above and beyond. It is packed with the goods. Plus, she’s a Doctorate of Naturopathy and knows how to use foods to heal your body. That’s what I’m in it for…healing and a fresh start. I felt anything but deprived…Thanks Dr. Jessica!”

-Ashley Newport Beach, CA