Hey all! I’m Jessica 🙂 I love to blog about everything that inspires me in hopes that it will inspire you.  Thanks for following along my journey and my life.  You will find products I love, recipes I use in my house, traveling journals, inspiration and encouragement for your heart, everyday style, my home and the loves of my life my husband and baby boy Zion.  This is a place to glimpse into my little life. 🙂


What inspired you to blog?

I find writing comes easy to me.  I love the creative aspect of blogging. I love sharing with you all the things that inspire me in hopes to inspire you to do something that helps you, benefits you etc.  It started when I would get questions daily about recipes, what I use for XYZ and kept answering the same questions over and over. It was like a job! So, I started a blog to share all the things people would ask in hopes it would better help them then me just quickly saying something and having them forget later. People found they loved finding a place they could go to and look up what they were asking about. I wanted to help people so it kind of started from there. It is now molding into sharing my life in general and the things I love and what inspires me.

What color do you use in your hair?

My hair is so light naturally, my hair stylist just uses bleach to pick up the color. No toner. In the summers…I use sun in on my roots. DONT TELL ME HAIR STYLIST. HAHA. I only recommend this if you are already a lighter blonde and you just spraying your roots. I deep condition 2-3 times a week in the shower. 🙂

What Work Out Do You Do?

I lift, do HIIT, spin and do hot yoga. I also love pilates. Now that baby is here, I can’t get away to do hot yoga just yet, but I lift with him and just put him in his stroller and take him to our gym. 🙂 I love HIIT incorporated with lifting.

When did you get married?

I got married 4 years ago and it’s been the best decision of my life.  My husband Spencer is in investment financing and very entrepreneurial.   He motivates me, that’s for sure! My two cents- find someone that makes you better, believes in you, is your best friend before anyone else and that you can really partner with in life!

You are a Registered Naturopath? Is this your job?

Yes, I am. I received my Doctorate in Naturopathy and I worked with another Doctor before branching off and starting my own network when I became pregnant. I now do a hybrid program where I see people all over the Country via email/face time/calling.  I focus on functional blood work analysis and full symptom review assessments.  They are all done via long distance.  This is what my days are filled up with when I’m not blogging and being a mom. For more info email waldenwellness@gmail.com or check www.waldenwellness.com My full analysis with assessment including all the bloodwork labs (I order for you and you go to your local lab) Is $250. You will get a detailed full body write up, what your blood work is indicating from a functional/preventative perspective, access to my expertise, diet modifications and a complete protocol for healing.

From a health perspective: 

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Jessica Miller RND, PSc.D, is a Board Certified and Registered Naturopath with her Doctorate in Naturopathy. She is a licensed Doctor of Pastoral Science and Medicine, a Clinical Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach. She is currently working on her PhD in Natural Medicine. Dr. Miller specializes in integrative, preventative health & nutrition, traditional naturopathic therapies, & health & wellness counseling which addresses not just the body & the physical, but the emotional, habitual and the other major areas which make up ones life. She is professionally trained and skilled in finding out what the body lacks, needs & wants to aid in the power to heal itself. She uses specific modalities of treatment including herbs, whole food blends, homeopathy, nutraceuticals, clinical nutrition, nutritional response testing, wellness panels, personalized diet plans such as eating right for your specific body composition, functional blood work lab analysis and urine analysis, elimination diet/food sensitivity protocols, and detoxification and many other natural and non-invasive health modalities. She is qualified to teach and assist individuals in their health needs/healing and will guide her patients into a lifestyle of optimal health. Her passion and purpose is to help people live whole & healthy as a complete entity- spirit, soul and body.



 International Association of Natural Health Practitioners(IANHP)

Registered Naturopath/ Registered Natural Health Practitioner

National Registry of Naturopathic Practitioners(NRNP)

Registered Naturopath

American Alternative Medical Association(AAMA)

Board Certified Naturopath

Pastoral Medical Association(PMA)(license)

Doctor of Pastoral Science and Medicine

Doctorate Degree in Naturopathy (ND)

Internship at Naturopathic Center For Wellness

under Dr. Julie Miller  PSc.D, RND ,RN, BSN, CCE (2013-2015)

Biblical Theology/Ministry Training at Cottonwood Leadership College (Associates)