Beach Days

There is nothing I look more forward to then the weekends with my guys.  This summer we hit the beach everyday we could. Zion would sleep most of the time because he was so new earth side, but as he is getting older day by day, the beach has become more curious to him. He loves the sound of the waves (who doesn’t) and likes to watch the people and is so interested in everything. I can’t wait until we can get him in the water or on a board! If he likes the beach as much as bath time, I think we will have a fish on our hands, just like his Dad. Honestly, I thought I would be SO stressed doing anything with my baby, but when he was born something in me (call it grace) has been so courageous in doing everything I would normally do with my baby and saying no to fear. And it’s been a BLAST. The memories we make are priceless and life has been so sweet and fun. Yes, it takes determination and learning to go with the flow, patience and just letting things not get to you, but if you can practice these, the obstacles fade in the distance and there are so many sweet moments.  Yes, he cries, yes, he explodes poop and spits up everywhere like every other baby, but we just put it in our heads that this is our new normal, so when we do life, it doesn’t get to us. It is just life! I think that is what has really helped us just adjust to our new obsession and family member. Hey, sometimes I cry too…thank God I’ve grown out of pooping my pants though…that would just add a whole nother dimension. ;)- Just know mama, for you that when something fun presents itself and you think “No, I can’t, my baby won’t do well”, I encourage you to go for it. People get it, people get crying babies, poops, taking your time, etc. don’t let fear or anxiety steal your fun or the precious memories you can make. <3 I’m cheering you on!

What we do:

We are totally those people with the wagon packed to the brim. HA. We pack our lunch, Zion’s things, his diaper bag that turns into a bassinet to lay in, boards, a chair, a big blanket, towels, water, etc. We pack to be prepared and make it as comfy as possible. Why not? For shade we use a tent umbrella and a SPF hat and if I know he will be in the sun at times (legs mostly), I will use Goddess Garden baby SPF.  It’s organic and super safe for the tiniest of little ones. I don’t reccomend using any SPF on tiny babies all the time, but for those rare days, as long as it is a safe, organic, non toxic one, it’s cool to use.

What I wore:

Hat: Forever 21 (guys)

Bathing suit: Forever 21

Glasses: Buffalo Exchange

Spencer’s Shorts: Cotton On

Zion’s “Surf Dude” Outfit: Carter’s

Shop the look here 



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IMG_0844 IMG_0854 IMG_0858 IMG_0861


Sleepy Sunday’s With Christeli


We were so in need of a new mattress. I don’t know about you but finding the right one is t r i c k y.  I mean first you want to find one that SOUNDS right and then it is allll about how you sleep on it. When I came across Christeli I knew I loved the company.  They source all their material here in the USA and they don’t use harsh chemicals, which is so important for our family because we are health conscious about what goes in our body and do the best we can to minimize toxins.   Their story goes a bit like this:

“When the factory doors to our family-owned mattress business were proudly opened in 1931, we were determined to create a world where every person has a luxurious, well-made bed to sleep on. Our goal remains the same: to make the finest handcrafted mattresses in existence. Dedicated to bringing your dreams to life, our Craftspeople strive for perfection when hand-building and crafting your Christeli. Every stitch, every cut and every measurement has their name on it. As one Craftswoman once said: “This is what I know how to do. This is what I do best. This is what I enjoy.”

I love our new mattress!  They don’t use ANY harsh chemicals, they hand select organic cotton and cashmere and they are local, USA, real craftmen and women. They put heart into their mattresses, so you know you are getting quality.

Our first night on it was a dream.  I slept SO well.  They have all the details about why their mattresses are the way they are on their website and you know what is a huge HUGE bonus?! They donate 10 meals to people in need for every purchase. I can always get behind a ethical company WITH a GREAT product AND with a purpose! Win, win, win!

IMG_0307IMG_0305 IMG_0308

It comes rolled up and you cut the plastic open and it unfolds. It only takes a few hours for it to be sleep ready! It doesn’t smell at all because they don’t use harsh chemicals. (Praise hands emoji!)IMG_0309 IMG_0310

To find out more and check out all their mattresses, visit




Zevia Soda Give Away!


You guys, I have a secret. I am kind of obsessed with Zevia soda.  For a girl whose given up generic soda going on 10 years…the fizz, the flavors, the sweetness..the non gmo…the stevia..the quality of goodness…it’s like a dream come true.  Just saying…the root beer with any sort of healthy (coconut, almond, organic, good stuff) ice cream (your welcome).

I’ve partnered with Zevia on my Instagram to give away 30 6 packs to a lucky 30 followers! You can take the voucher and go pick up a 6 pack at your local store.

Rules to Enter:

Follow @itsjessicamiller and @zevia

Tag as many friends as you’d like for more entries to win!



Its A New Season!

Hello World!


Anybody out there?….Well friends, I’m back.  As some of you know I took about an 8 month sabbatical away from social media, blogging and the like.  During this time, I have been growing my beautiful baby boy Zion who is due in t-minus 3 weeks! I took this time away to really do some heart growing, unplugged life in which I contemplated a lot of things…the main thing… being a Mother, what that means to me, how I want to be as a wife, how I want to bring this baby into the world and a myriad of other amazing heart revelations.  It’s like I journeyed into the wild for 8 months with God and myself and said…”you have all of my attention, speak to me about this life I am bringing into the world and this life changing event for me as a soul.” To me, becoming a Mother is a very big deal and I felt the best way for me to experience the fullness of being pregnant, thinking about how my husband and I wanted to raise our family, do life, etc. was for me to completely unplug and dive into my real world 100%.  I totally recommend unplugging and engaging with the life and loves around you, even if it is only for a season.



For me it was a time of re-evaluating my priorities, resting, doing what I wanted which includes not doing some things, being brave and stepping away from building my blog for a season.   I wanted to make sure that I was a true source of what I believe…living well. Which meant slowing things down and making things really simple so I could feel, experience, adjust and prepare my soul for the new one to come.  To enter my next season of life, I needed to take time to do that with all that I am. To prepare my heart, emotions, body and to journey into the unknowns.  To address any fears so that I can live unhindered for my child and my husband and live well for myself 100%. So I can be 100% in my child’s birth…and in my birth as a Mama.  For me, that looked like stepping away from what I am building and to step into my growth that was waiting for me.  I was fortunate enough to be able to “give up” and to “dive in”.  My husband is my biggest support. Always saying, do whatever you want. Thank God for him and for the season of my own time I will never have again. The new season I am embarking on requires 100% selflessness. 100% someone relying on you at all times.  This season is magical and I wanted to truly meditate on it. I wanted to take the last season of just me or just me and my husband and truly nest, cocoon, love deeply, do what we wanted, be away like a honeymoon and turn it all off.  We did that.  We will now enter this new season as Parents.  And I am so ready, invigorated and full to not only pour myself out for my child and my family, but to be back into my work.  To figure it out as I go.  My toilet may never be unoccupied without a child next to me again. But I will learn to balance and it’ll be fun documenting it all on the way.  I know there are many people out there juggling a lot or feeling torn between two worlds. It’s not easy. But you are kick butt.  You inspire me.  This new season….its wonderful, it’s real, it’s a season that will unfold into more children, more responsibility, more dreams and business ventures and thus more seasons and more sacrifice and more selflessness and will change me forever. To step away from anything,  you must be brave and do what wisdom and your heart call for at all times.  Take that risk, take the job, fail, succeed, give up, do what you know is right. In the season of my life, cocooning away from my work was risky, wild but so worth it.  I am not defined by anything I do or don’t do. I am defined by who I am, just me. And so are you. My goal is always to speak truth, inspire you and to live authentic. That to me is living well.  It is about balance, realness, inspiration and doing whatever you are meant to do…know matter what anyone thinks. Be brave. Be it all if you want, as long is it is you. The most inspiring human being is the one that is 100% themselves. That means they embrace all the beauty, gifts, callings and grace on their lives and also embracing the process, rawness, new seasons, growth and what their heart is saying at any given time. Never be a slave, always be a master of your life and to do that you must listen to your heart and wisdom, it is guiding you.  8 months ago I chose to be a master of my life and say….pause…so I could go through a growing season to prepare me for my destiny…being me with the new role as a mother.  You will always be you.  My goal is always be who I was created to be, no matter what hat I wear that day, hour or moment.  I hope you choose that to.

Spencer and I will have a goal to try to stay as unplugged as possible, while balancing the age of social media in which my job, passions and inspiration to you all flow.  Learning this will be a balancing act. I will continue to bring you content daily and weekly, but I will also make sure I am doing this as non invasive to my child and our life as possible i.e when my baby sleeps, naps etc. so that I don’t raise my child watching me on the phone or in the throws of business/work. This is something my husband and I feel strongly about, but we have also found that completely giving up my goals and dreams isn’t living my best life either. So, we will work on balance, on how to be present and how to be digital and how to run our business endeavors. My family and children will always come first, and my hope is yours do to.



That was a rabbit trail that I hope encouraged someone.  This new season in my life is going to be filled with exciting things.  One of them being spit up, unwashed hair, and post partum.  The other, navigating my way through that, learning my son, and hopefully doing a lot more traveling!  I hope to continue to inspire you to live your best life in every area, and I hope you continue to follow my journey as a woman pursuing to live well in every area and learn along the way.  There will be the usual health, wellness, recipe, fitness, style posts along with my new journey… pregnancy, post partum (follow me on my journey to getting my body back), watch the mishaps and joys of a a new mama, baby and mama style inspo (because let’s face it and rumor has it…a good outfit may just save the day from absolutely loosing your beans…or at least a little lipstick to go with my milk soaked tank top),  recipes for not only you but baby and really whatever inspires me to inspire you!  I hope to have fun with you sharing my lifestyle, items I love, what works for me and everything in between. I hope to bring you not only beautiful images (why else do we scroll through anyone’s insta?…jk but kinda), but also real, raw, life moments (why else do we read anyone’s insta?…jk but kinda). There will be times of beauty and times of rawness (I don’t like the word ugly 🙂 ) Balance is a life well lived. Living well means process not perfection. Living well doesn’t mean having it all together. It means each day you wake up and purpose to get on your path and do at least 1 thing towards your emotional, physical, relational, spiritual and mental well being that is for the better….and sometimes that looks like getting a shower in..or taking a nap…folding all the laundry in one sitting.  Other days that means getting that business deal, kicking butt at your work out, being able to say …”Wow…i’ve nailed some discipline in my life”, cooking a bomb diggity meal, dressing up for your person looking sexy as ever and having the most amazing night…whatever it looks like and however you live….live well.




Shop My Look:

I am around 31 weeks pregnant in these photos and I wore a size medium.  It does give a bit in the dress and stretches a bit.  Links are below to shop it!

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 8.12.11 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 8.01.56 PMalice_and_olivia_DINAFINESUEDE_PINKICING_888445588471_PRODUCT_01-599832189


With love, truth, grace and wellness,

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 2.26.51 PM


The Ebbs And Flows Of Life


Don’t compare yourself to something that is only a sliver of the whole picture or don’t feel bad about a part of your life or season that isn’t what you want it to be. You aren’t 100% of having it all together all the time or having everything in total chaos 24/7. Life is real, messy, clean, fun, not fun, beautiful, work, rest. You can have a beautiful dinner party and have dishes to do that next day. People see the perfect party, you see the dishes. See both. That is the beauty of life. You will loose that weight. You will have dishes in the sink. Your kids will sleep through the night perfectly. Your kids will have a hard day. Both are part of life. Not one or the other. We ebb and flow. We look great and look terrible. We have great hair and we have greasy hair. We have a tight body and sometimes we don’t. We eat healthy and we eat fries. This is life. This is reality.

Currently I am sitting in my sports bra and some short of pajama shorts, watching something on ABC Family and eating soup. There is laundry to be folded, dishes to be done, a bed that isn’t made and a face that needs to be washed. I’ve been hanging low this week as I’ve been tired and needed some good R and R. My husband is out of town for work and it’s definitely a bachelorette pad. This isn’t every week, but nor is my pretty posts on Instagram. My Instagram is not my real, everyday life, nor is sitting in my pajamas all day in a messy house. My instagram is scheduled, like a business and a small fraction of my creative outlet that I use to promote and build a business from things I am passionate about. My life doesn’t consist of perfect hair everyday or make up everyday, but I sure do like those things. My life doesn’t consist of perfect, complex meals everyday, but sometimes I go for it. Some nights it’s leftovers or organic pizza.  I am actually a huge nerd with my head in blood work reviews and analyzing people’s bodies some days and then other days an entrepreneur building a blog and working on other projects. I wear my Dr/creative bubbly hat and I love doing both sides of my personality. I love style, I love inspiring people, I love health, I love people. I am multifaceted and I am not just one thing. green1Some people o n l y talk to me about health or ask me health questions whenever we are together. Or only talk to me about one aspect they assume is the whole of my personality. That is great and I am glad to answer and chat about it but did you also know I watched the presidential debate? That I love interior design? That am pretty silly and goofy but can also be serious? I’m sure you have felt like you can’t be all that you are because someone sees you as just this or just that.  We are so much more that just XYZ! Be who you are. ALL that you are. Don’t compare yourself to something that is only a sliver of the whole picture or don’t feel bad about a part of your life or season that isn’t what you want it to be. You aren’t 100% of having it all together or having everything in total chaos. Life is real, messy, fun, beautiful. You can have a beautiful dinner party and have dishes to do that next day. People see the perfect party, you see the dishes. See both. That is the beauty of life. You will loose that weight. You will have dishes in the sink. Your kids will sleep through the night perfectly. Your kids will have a hard day. Both are part of life. Not one or the other. We ebb and flow. We look great and look terrible. We have great hair and we have greasy hair. We have a tight body and sometimes we don’t. We eat healthy and we eat fries. This is life. This is reality. green3

With all that being said. Remember, all the gal’s instagram’s that you see that are of perfect little squares of perfectly styled moms and there stylish kids and perfect houses and meals etc. Most likely, they are not trying to fake a life to you, they are most likely building there business behind the scenes, or they are extremely creative and artistic and need a creative outlet, they like the look of how all the squares flow etc. I don’t know or care. I get inspired. I love aesthetic. They aren’t trying to make you feel less superior, less important at all your hard work at the gym, in the kitchen, with the kids, with your love life. They do it for fun or for business and I would bet that any one of these ladies would laugh and think you are silly if you asked them if this was their everyday life.green2Do I think they need to post imperfect photos to make everyone else not feel bad? Nope. Just like I don’t believe you should dumb down your smarts, talents, gifts and personality for someone that feels insecure and crappy about themselves around you. Everyone has a way of expressing themselves and if anything, inspiration is a beautiful thing. The point is, my life isn’t a photoshoot, nor is yours, nor is any insta mom, blogger, person you see, but if people want to express themselves through insta or build a successful inspiration blog or photography business or sell clothes, or model clothes and get paid and use it as a tool…go for it! More power to you girlfriend! I’ll be inspired by you! green4

Life is messy, clean, busy, calm, great hair, greasy hair, work, rest, fun, challenging. We aren’t always feeling put together in areas of our lives, but we also aren’t always laying on the couch. Some days you’ll rock it, some days you’d be happy if you brushed your teeth. Embrace the ebbs and flows. You will loose that weight, you will have dishes in the sink, you will have the energy to do fantastic things, you will have no energy to do anything and need to rest, your kids will sleep perfectly through the night, your kids will pee and puke at night. Don’t define your worth or value on what you did or didn’t do, what you have or don’t have, what your house looks like or doesn’t look like, what your Instagram looks like or doesn’t look like, your job, your no job. The only thing that is consent is that things change. Your value is that you are already a perfect, beautiful, loved child of God. Do your best and forget the rest.” I’ve been through it all-tragedy, loss, success, betrayal, failure, back biting, bullying, happiness, promotion, not knowing where the next paycheck would come from, seeing miracles, life changing decisions, walking out on water in faith and seeing what God does and through it all knowing deeply my true and only source,  provider, redeemer, healer, restorer of all things is Jesus.

That’s where I have determined to stay forever. No matter what comes in life.




5 Habits To Quit To Minimize Stress

Let’s face it, sometimes these habits just creep up on us. They are often little, even subconscious things we do that cause stress. 

Here are 5 common, everyday habits that could be causing you unnecessary stress.

With a few resolutions, this will help you minimize stress and live well!

IMG_8549 IMG_8563


The problem: The suspense or underlying anxiety and head space you create for yourself unbeknownst to you of putting something off steals your free time before you start to work because you are thinking and even dreading getting started in the first place.

The resolution: Don’t let those thoughts become a pattern. When dread and negative attitude towards something you don’t want to do so you’d rather put off come into your head, switch it with gratitude. Be thankful for the opportunity, for why this will benefit you or someone around you now, after you do it, or in the future. Instead of viewing it as a monumental mountain of a task, try to break it up into section or beginning, middle, end. Ensure the first step is so small it no longer seems daunting. If you have been putting off paying your debt, maybe the first step would be logging in and looking at your balance to split up evenly betweens months. If you begin your day conquering a big task, you will be surprised how much more productive the rest of the day will be. It will fuel your energy and motivation to getter done!




The problem: This is a common problem for type A’ers. You leave yourself zero minutes for error in your jam-packed day and most likely…something just doesn’t go right and you are most likely…late to s o m e t h i n g…not to mention frazzled!

The resolution:  Leave room in your schedule. I have made a habit to leave room in 30 minute increments, even if my appointment in 5 minutes away. If it takes an hour to get somewhere I schedule an hour and a half. I leave time to the screwed up google map, the uncontrollable situations, and just for a non stressful appointment. It keeps my head clear, my thoughts focused, time for the restroom, for a breath and to not rush. Rushing is the made ingredient for stress. Five extra minutes can go a long way to help you not feel like you are running to catch the day. You want to be running the day, not running to catch up with it.


Over Thinking

The problem: Whether the problem is big or small, we definitely want to make the “right” choice, yes? Anyone else out there an “over researcher”? Sometimes research and due diligence helps us to choose wisely and i highly recommend doing your homework, but regardless of the decision, it does us no good to spin our wheels for hours and hours obsessing over something and it can definitely cause unnecessary stress and sometimes, if you aren’t in the right headspace, fear.

The resolution: Set a time limit and set amount of time to do your homework on each decision. Research, pray, ask advice to wise people in your life and then cut yourself off. You can analyze past decisions for growth and learning purposes but otherwise, don’t look back. No should’ve, would’ve, could haves. They can’t change what happened and wastes your energy and time and steals your joy and faith. Setting a time, praying about it and going with the decision that brings the most peace no matter what people think or say will make decision making a lot less stressful. IMG_8558

Second Guessing Yourself

The problem: What you know can change and develop as your learn more about a circumstance and get more comfortable with what you are doing.

The resolution: Know that you are making the right decision for you in that moment with the information you have. That is all we can do. Second-guessing won’t change what is and it will drive you crazy and make you feel insecure about other issues if you let yourself go down that path. You did the best you can and if you get more info, you can always confidently adapt or change as it comes in the future. IMG_8560 Trying To Be Perfect

The problem: Aiming to grow into all your potential and being better daily is one thing, but perfectionism is a dangerous road to go on for your emotional, mental and physical well being. You are already perfect by just being created. You are growing into who you are and you are developing skills, character, working on things and such, but none of those things will make you perfect. Unique is perfect and everyone has a different idea of what perfection is…that means…perfection actually doesn’t exist and is completely relative and you can’t live in that world. You will never please everyone and to give you some honest, raw advice…don’t try to. You will a miserable existence and miss out on your life!

The resolution: Enjoy the things you do well and take pleasure in learning. Practice forgiveness and give yourself a break. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Loosen up. Enjoy being content with where you are in life, because one thing about life that is consistent…it is always changing! There will be a day you look back and it won’t matter, or you will have grown past where you are now.  Be gracious to yourself, be humble, be teachable, don’t take it all too seriously! We are here for a brief moment! Success isn’t being the best at something or the richest…it is being truly happy and content in who you are, finding love, living simply, giving, helping other’s and living your life as freely and with as much love and grace as possible. That will satisfy you, not your “idea” of perfection. IMG_8571

Live Well!


What I Wore: 

Top: Nordstrom

Necklace/Bracelet/Shorts: Forever 21

Sunnies: Ray Ban’s

Shoes: Forever 21

Purse: Vintage Gucci (ebay)


How To Transition Into New Seasons of Life Well


Recognize the ending.

All endings are all part of life. Good, bad, happy, sad. An ending isn’t always a bad thing. Endings can be liberating. For example, ending a bad habit that has cost you years of poor health or robbed you of peace of mind is freeing. At the same time some endings are hard and many people struggle with ending well and letting go. For example, the end of a cherished relationship, moving or the transition from full time parent to empty nester can leave us longing for yesterday or brokenhearted.

Life has seasons and that transition is natural. Surround yourself with the love and support you need and don’t be afraid to reach out. Transitions can make you feel alone. You may feel you are the only one facing this. You are not. We all go through transition. Find community and link arms to support each other through the seasons of life.

End well by being grateful. Gratitude is preventative medicine and a powerful healing balm. Bitterness, resentment, anger, fear, disappointment or unforgiveness cannot take root in a grateful heart. When facing an ending, make a list of all the things you are grateful for. Gratitude will help you move on with a healthy perspective.

Carry the lesson forward.

Seasons are part of life and each comes with its own set of lessons. Every ending is a learning opportunity. You can avoid “going around that same old mountain” by being humble and teachable. Reflect on what you have you learned about yourself? How have you grown? What have you learned about life? Never forget that our experiences mold and shape our character.
There are many lessons to glean from transition. How you end a chapter of life, is how you will start your next one. How you treat other’s, how you handle success and failure, how you handle critique are all things to reflect on when transition comes.
Embrace the New Beginning.
What would happen if you decided to drive your car looking only in your rear view mirror? What are the chances you would arrive safely at your destination? Don’t hold on to what has been when it’s time to let go. You cannot get to where you are going while looking over your shoulder at the past. Instead, put the past in its place and surrender your ending. God never wastes anything. Remember, the lessons you’ve learned from past experiences will be the fuel to help you successfully navigate the twists and turns of your new seasons of life.

Lastly, live in the present.

Allow each moment to unfold in its time. Live completely dependent on our completely dependable Father God. He will give you all you need to journey through every ending and new beginning.

To help you make progress in your transition journey, you may want to ask yourself:

  • In what ways am I having difficulty letting go of what has been?
  • How am I dealing with setbacks? In what ways have I been resilient?
  • How can I better manage the “place in between”, neither still in the comfort of the old, but still uncertain about what the future will bring?
  • What do I find exciting about exploring the new possibilities ahead?


IMG_8088 IMG_8089 IMG_8098IMG_8136IMG_8096  IMG_8100 IMG_8103 IMG_8119 IMG_8148


What I wore: 

Jumper: Forever 21

Get the look

Jean Shirt: HM

Get the look

Shoes: Forever 21

Get the look

Bracelets: Everyday Pretties

I love these pieces from Savanna Hill. Delicate, charming, works with almost anything. They have become a daily essential. 

Live Well!



Finding Joy In The Everyday


The week after a long Holiday can feel mundane, routine, robotic. You have just had a taste of a mini vacation and with that came so much joy. Why? Well, personally I believe that A. You had expectation. You believed that this was going to be a fun weekend so your thoughts were geared towards fun, relaxing, happy. B. You set yourself up for it. You prepared for a fun weekend, you thought it through, you imagined all the things you would do, eat and see. And to just be plain honest…weekends are fun. No work. No work responsibilities, office drama, demands etc!

But how would our week be…our life be, if we set intentions on joy and the expectation of joy to have each day. Each day is a brand new start. Yes, we may have bills to pay, projects to finish, due dates to come, and obligations to attend to, but if we can treat each day as a NEW opportunity to find the joy in the everyday, to be grateful for another day and the things that are in our life we so often take for granted, our weekdays can become “vacations” in our perspective, attitude and outlook.

Today you may find joy in the sun peeking through the window shooting across the floor. You may be grateful for air conditioning, You may have planned for a relaxing night or a night out with friends. Today you may have had to pay bills and work 9-5, but that text message from the one you love and the fact that you get to see them and enjoy your favorite sushi place after you clock out makes for a joyous day. Finding the joy in the midst of the to do’s is crucial for contentment. Being content is one of the most attractive attributes to a human being. Not striving for attention, the next this or that, not having to have the last word or the most important or smartest thing to say. Just happy, content, joyful in the present and thankful for the life you live, whatever that looks like. It is all an inside job.

Content people may have a private jet or a razor scooter to get around, but the attitude they carry liberates people and sets people at ease. There is something about them makes people say, “I want what they carry!” What is it? Contentment. Finding joy in the everyday. Being thankful for what they have and being aware of the little things that bring happiness and bliss. Contentment says, It’s not what I have, its who has me. Usually these people are the ones who have faith in something bigger than themselves and trust in God to provide and take care of them. It  is that that is the underlying current of finding the joy in the everyday and being content with a little or a lot. Circumstances, wealth or poverty doesn’t move them. It doesn’t mean they don’t have goals, aspirations or plans for the future, it means all of it is held in the tension that tomorrow is not promised, everyday is a gift and to work hard, play hard and make the most of it and that they cannot do any of it on their own. I find these people dream and plan and then give it up to God to direct their steps and make revisions.

How To Find Joy In The Everyday & Be Content

Know That You Have A Provider and A Source of Provision. 

Being your own provider is a hard life to live. Eventually you will be worn out, burnt out, jaded, and sick and tired of striving. We can give up striving anytime we want and trust the God of the universe to provide for us. That doesn’t mean we sit back and do nothing. It means, He has our future in mind. He desires you to prosper and live a good life. He created you for goodness and to spread love and goodness to everyone. Trust him with your job, your career, your schooling, your bills, your finances, your relationships. He wants the best for you. Unlike what most people think, God is not about Karma. He is not about what goes around comes around.  He is all loving, all forgiving, all good, all the time. All you have to do is believe. Believe and speak life over every area of your life. Speak health, blessing and His promises and trust that He will bring them to you in your life. He loves you.


Everyday Is a Blessing, Rain or Shine

Everyday is a blessing. You may have lost your job, but God is on the move to redirect you to a better one. Bad things happen, but God does not send them. He comes to restore them and make good out of broken pieces and beauty out of ashes. There is evil in the world and bad things happen to good people because we all have a will and a choice and things happen. Don’t ever think God is not on your side. We will never know why some things happen, but God will always make good out of bad things. Trust him. Be content in the season, believing something good is coming. Faith is what brings those things to pass. Faith is God’s signal to move on your behalf and bring about a miracle! Don’t harden your heart, look around, God is speaking to you.


Count Your Blessings

Daily remind yourself of all the things that you have to be thankful for. Write them in a journal, speak them out loud. Are you thankful for a roof over your head, a person who loves you, clean water, shoes, clothes, an education, a job, your animals, peace, joy, laughter, a funny moment, a good book? Everything around you that brings you happiness has been placed there for your pleasure. Realize it, be thankful and you will cultivate more joy in your heart and thus be content with whatever you have.

IMG_8047Count It All Joy

The good’s, the bad’s, the up’s, the down’s, we have to learn to count it all joy. Why? Because this keeps us in faith and hope that no matter what we go through, it will get better. I find that examining where my heart is and what I hold onto is important so that I can release it to God. Doing this guards my heart from envy, fear of loss and worry so I can live in more freedom. I have to daily release my loved ones, job, bills, plans, future children, fear and worries to God. He doesn’t want us holding onto these things because it is too much for us to bear. Worry is not for us to carry. We were made for love and not fear. Fear is debilitating. It will steal our life and our joy in an instant. We cannot think everyday about the what if’s, should have’s and could have’s. We are all here for a blink of an eye and we must be okay to live in the tension that we cannot control everything and everyone around us. We have to have faith in God and daily surrender our fears and worries, but also the things we love like our spouses, children and careers. They are much more secure when they are in His hands to protect and take care of. By releasing fear and worry, we can receive, truth, hope, faith, joy and peace. In that we have to choose to live. Believing that we are already blessed will open your eyes to show you that indeed, you are.


Dealing with fear or worry? I encourage you to look up God’s promises for your life on health, provision, giving you long, satisfying life, protection and every area you need truth and a promise to hold onto. The good news is, if He said it, you can know that that truth supercedes all circumstantial “true” things happening. They may be true, but they are not truth or the final word. Take hold of His promises He has for you, speak them over your life and meditate on them. We are all God’s children, so the promises are for all of us. He will provide, protect and give you peace. If you have any prayer requests, please email I’d love to pray for you!




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Live Well!


Jesus. Sweat. Coffee. Let’s Do This

IMG_7934Morning routines are so essential to me and to be honest, if I don’t stay up with my routine, it’ll slide majorly and so will my momentum for the day. Spending time with God, spending time taking care of my body and getting energized (Whether that be your coffee, lemon water, tea, green drink + a healthy breakfast) is something that sets my day up for success.

3 Ways To Set Your Day Up For Success

Spend Time With The Source of All Love and Life. 

Getting the right perspective, having a time of worship and gratitude and listening to Holy Spirit for direction are keys to a successful day. Without wisdom from God, we humans just can’t do life right. We need Him. He loves us. Being loved on every morning by the Source of Life breathes life into your spirit and gives you a gust of energy and a focus into the right direction for the day. He has the answers, He has the the direction. I need direction each day. I need to remind myself that I am fully loved each day. I need to meditate on His truth and promises and renew my mind to heaven’s realities. That makes for an amazing, miraculous day. His patience becomes mine, I have grace for all the people I encounter and the faith for situations and circumstances that come my way.

IMG_7889 (1)IMG_7872 (1)


Sweat, Strengthen, Burn, Breathe

I have got to work out before I hit the day. Whether it’s hot yoga, lifting, HIIT, a long walk or hike, stretching and breathing, spin, swimming or boot camp. Go work your body out. Sweat, breathe, strengthen. It is so important for your future self and for your health now. Every organ in your body will benefit. The bonus is, you’ll feel better and stronger and this will boost your confidence. You’ll be daily detoxing by sweating and breathing out toxins. Your muscles, bones and heart will be strengthened. Your blood sugar and insulin will regulate, your metabolism will boost and so will your mood! Working out is a physical necessity for having a kick butt, energized, healthy day. Make it your routine.



Fuel and Energize

For some people this is their coffee time, for other’s it is their oats and greens time, for a lot it is both! The most important thing is that you are fueling yourself for a successful day. Get your brain and juices flowing by powering up with a healthy breakfast and a energizing boost whether it be your green drink, coffee, or whatever you like to boost (except energy drinks) :)-. Eat a well balanced meal (a good source of protein i.e. eggs or a shake), and grab your coffee and green drink and hit the office! I recommend only 1 cup of coffee a day, so for the mid afternoon pick me up, definitely hit the green juice or kombucha!


IMG_7926IMG_7863 (1) IMG_7919

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Live Well!




Soul Food


For me personally, i’m entering a totally new season, a new place, a new everything. I am so excited to see what this new season holds. For those of you who are in a place of transition, be expectant, no matter the circumstance. It may be unfamiliar, scary territory. It may look on the outside…crazy. You may have no job, no home and no idea what tomorrow looks like, but remember a rejection is just a redirection for something better. Remember that. It ALWAYS is.

If you are someone who is stepping out in complete faith like my husband and I are, in a season where God says NOW, I want to encourage you…you are in a miracle zone. Watch what God will do when all is on the table. Watch what He will do when He makes a complete transition in your life to redirect you in your destiny…He directs your steps. To live the life He has destined you to live, you must be obedient to step and walk where and when He says go.Western culture says to avoid pain, avoid discomfort. Walking with God will sometimes be uncomfortable for a brief moment, but it is really the key to victory and destiny. You may have to do things that you think are “painful” in your comfortable, safe life. If you can see them as seed for breakthrough and a step to your destiny, rather than pain…I promise you your life will change.

What He asks you to do is always the place you want to be in. End of story. We’ve got to suck it up and jump in if we want the life we all cry out for. Uncomfortable, wild, faith territory. Everything you have gone through & past seasons are all valuable and are never in vain. Our life is so much bigger than us. So much bigger than us having a 9-5, working for the weekend and playing it safe and secure. The most secure place to live is in the mystery and in the deep waters of bold trust and unquestioning obedience. I feel like I am truly waking up again and again to an adventure only God can write and I wouldn’t want life any other way. It’s risky, wild, crazy, fun; bungie jumping into Gods grace continuously without knowing what is in front of you other than the story He is writing.